RPAS Drone Ground School

BlackHawk Aeronautical Solutions Inc. has been providing drone ground school training for over 4 years.  With close to 500 students trained, we pride ourselves on delivering one of the best drone training programs in the country.  

To meet the June 1, 2019 legislation changes, we have completely revised our training program to ensure all operators intending on obtaining their advanced certification will be prepared.  

It is important to know that only Self Declared companies will be accepted by Transport Canada when applying for their Advanced Operator status.  BlackHawk Aeronautical Solutions is currently one of the many Transport Canada self declared training organizations.  To view this list, click here.

RPAS Drone Ground School Course Outline


Section 01 Introduction to RPAS

RPAS Types

RPAS Engines, Systems & Airframes

RPAS Industry Uses

Theory of Flight

Section 02 RPAS Legislation

Canadian Aviation Regulations

Air Traffic Rules & Regulations

Basic / Advanced RPAS Operations

Section 03 Roles & Responsibilities

RPAS Training / Flight Reviews

RPAS Pilot

RPAS Spotter / Ground Crew

RPAS Maintenance Technician

Section 04 Navigation & Coordination

RPAS Flight Planning

Air Navigation / Coordination

RPAS Preflight Hazard Assessment

Safe Flight Operations

RPAS Flight Safety Operations Manual

Section 05 RPAS Emergencies

Power / Engine Failure

Loss of Control

Manned Aircraft enters RPAS Flight Envelope

RPAS Ground Level Security Threat

Section 06 Factors affecting Safe RPAS Flight

Human Factors Affecting Safe Flight Operations

Pilot Decision Making

RPAS Maintenance

RPAS Storage / Travel

RPAS Security

Section 07 Weather Systems


RPAS Weather Limitations

Section 08 Radiotelephony

Radio Operator Procedures

ROC-A Examination

Section 09 RPAS Final Written Examination

Section 10 RPAS Flight Demonstration (not a requirement / weather & time permitting)