RPAS / Drone Inspections

Aerial Inspections

While we may not be a content expert, we have the skills and equipment to inspect virtually anything.  From bridges to structures to pipelines to buildings, BlackHawk Aeronautical Solutions has worked with many organizations to fly to, identify and obtain aerial imagery and video.  

With the introduction of optical zooming on drones, we are now able to get that much closer to our subject while at the same time remaining a safe distance away.

If you're looking to have drone inspections complete utilizing a high quality drone and a competent pilot that knows the limitations of their equipment, contact us today!


Thermal Inspections

The use of thermal imaging for inspection purposes is not a new technology.  Introducing thermal cameras to drones is very new.

BlackHawk Aeronautical Solutions has incorporated thermal camera imaging into its drones.  Attaching a thermal camera to a drone allows inspections from angles not otherwise achievable via conventional methods.

Areas of concern can be quickly identified before a small problem turns into a large one. If thermal imaging is part of your needs and you would like to incorporate the use of drone technology to achieve this, contact us today!