About BlackHawk Aeronautical Solutions Inc.

Mat L. Matthews - Owner / Professional RPAS Pilot

Pilot, radio control enthusiast, photographer, safety professional.  A perfect storm as they would say.  Having been exclusively involved with the above both professionally and personally, we have evolved into what we are today.  One of the Best. 

To become one of the best, it takes passion, knowledge and a unique but dynamic set of skills.  We consider ourselves among the pioneers, not only because we have immersed ourselves in this industry but because we continue to share the wealth of information with a goal of educating the public and creating safe and effective drone pilots.  

Mat's work includes working with tourism, real estate, production and film companies, construction and development firms and oil and gas.  He has photographed, filmed and produced many videos over the years and has a keen eye on getting the perfect shot.


Tom Dudley - Professional RPAS Pilot / RPAS Flight Reviewer

Tom is a retired Electrical Utility Supervisor of 35 years. He loves to fish and always had a passion for radio control airplanes. 

Tom holds an SFOC and is a commercial RPAS pilot and has been flying drone for four years. He has assisted BlackHawk with both spotter and lead RPAS piloting duties.


To be one of the best requires a good attitude, knowledge, a unique skill set where safety is considered at all times.  Tom has all these skills which has made him a very safe pilot. 

Tom is also a Transport Canada RPAS Flight Reviewer, offering flight reviews for those individuals wishing to obtain their Advanced RPAS Pilot Certificate. 


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